First Aid on the Move

So I sustained a minor injury yesterday.  No I wasn’t out running on a remote trail in the wilds of Delaware (I prefer the roads and neighborhoods most of the time), but I was a scant .5 mile away from home in a neighboring development.  I was running on the sidewalk as there were cars parked along the road when I looked up and saw a tree branch I was going to need to get under.  I was about 1:40 into my long run and feeling really good so I went to duck under.  I made the first branch and never saw the second branch which must of been lower, and I smacked myself right on top of the head.

This is after I showered and cleaned up.  Nice and scabby now.

This is after I showered and cleaned up. Nice and scabby now.

So I saw stars for a moment, but quickly gathered myself.  I thought to myself, “Wow, now what do I do?”  Here’s was what I did, and while it might not be exactly as a medical professional may recommend, here’s my thought process…

(1) First thing, sit down and get low to the ground, because if you faint you have less distance to fall.  I also thought that the faster my HR is reduced, the better.

(2) I applied immediate pressure with my hand.  It hurt, but between the sweat and the blood I couldn’t tell how bad it was.

(3) I was on the lookout for light-headedness, nausea, and a headache.  I waited about 5 minutes and didn’t sense any of these things.  I also sensed that the bleeding was close to stopping.

(4) Call for help.  I debated calling my wife to come and pick me up, but decided to walk it back home.  I’m certain I looked ridiculous walking with my hand perched atop my noggin, but I wanted to walk slowly and still apply pressure.  I drank the remaining bit of water I head left.  Overall I felt more embarrassed than anything, and a little pissed to have such a great run derailed like this (I was gunning for 2 hours).

I got home and showed my wife.  It was a fairly large cut, but very much on the surface and not much to be stitched.  I jumped in the shower and cleaned up and the cut bled very slowly and very little.  I applied anti-bacterial cream and left it open to air out.

I usually run around town with my FuelBelt with one pouch which holds my iPhone, a tin of EnergyBits or a gel, and sometimes some cash.  It made my think of what I would’ve done if I were out on a remote trail somewhere.  I did a little research and gathered some resources concerning first aid.