Thoughts on EnergyBits and Spirulina

Update –

I have been using EnergyBits now for a number of weeks.  My wife and I have also added RecoveryBits into our routines as well.  Both products are 100% algae (EB is 100% spirulina and RB is 100% chlorella).  If you’d like to learn more about these products you can visit  Remember, it’s not so much a supplement as it is a “FOOD”.  Algae is beginning to receive a lot of buzz in the fitness and athlete community.

If you’d like to try a sample please reach out to me.  I am now an EnergyBits Ambassador and you can use my discount code “PersonalReboot” for a 20% discount!


I previously mentioned that about 8 weeks ago or so, my wife made some very dramatic and significant changes to her life.  Out of an interest in health and better quality living, she made the decision to not just go “vegan”, but “raw vegan”.  Over the next 6 weeks she completely changed her dietary approach and her view on fitness.  From an activity standpoint, she is really using a Tim Ferriss 4-HourBody-ish approach of “Minimal Effective Dose”, or the smallest increment needed to make the largest proportional impact.  Using a simple bodyweight regimen of exercises and some kettlebell and dumbell work, she has completely transformed her body in a very short period of time. Among the most significant improvements has been her fasting blood sugar levels first thing in the AM (dropped about 100 points on average).  Her diet has probably had the greatest impact, not just on her re-composition project, but on my nutrition as well.

Around this same time, I was deeply immersed in “Finding Ultra” by Rich Roll.  I’m not prepared to go 100% vegan, but the science and the results are clear – a plant-based diet (or a diet that is plant-heavy) can be a tremendous advantage in the life of an endurance athlete, as well as a casual recreational athlete.

One night in bed we were both reading and she asked me if I had read anything or heard anything about algae as a superfood.  Rich Roll mentions it a few times in Finding Ultra, and I have numerous Twitter friends that were finding success using a product called “EnergyBits”.  After a 2 minute discussion we decided that I would ping EnergyBits to see if I could grab some samples.  After some Twitter messages some email with their Brand Manager, my free samples were on the way.


The samples arrived and we plowed through them quickly, but our initial experience was positive.  We both felt heightened alertness, especially in the AM.  I used them as a pre-workout fuel and I felt as if my energy levels sustained well, but the sample size was way too small to go from.  We then decided to place an order for a full bag o’bits, which represents a pretty significant investment, but for a 30 day supply being used by two people, we felt it was necessary to get a decent idea of how good this stuff was.

So after some waiting, the package came.  I will say that the folks at EnergyBits really go above-and-beyond when it comes to marketing collateral in the package!  It’s obvious that they are in the process of creating a space in the performance food and nutraceutical space, and their story is going to be a different narrative to different folks (casual joggers, crossfitters, runners, endurance athletes, elite, weekend warriors, etc).  I certainly understand this, as I work in Marketing and I know how tough it is to evangelize a new product.

I’ve been keeping careful track of how I feel before, during and post workout, and while my wife and I are both trying new things in terms of diet and programs, we were able to remove a lot of the rotating variables to get a good read on EnergyBits’ performance.  So here are my thoughts after using the bits for a couple of weeks:

  • Spirulina algae is really one of the most ‘perfect’ foods on Earth.  It’s highly sustainable, is the richest source of protein in the world, has more beta carotene, more antioxidants, more iron than any other food, and the micronutrients are highly bioavailable (easily absorbed).
  • The slight ‘fish food’ odor is not totally a turn-off.  You swallow these tiny pill bits with water and there is no aftertaste.  In fact the smell reminds me of the old TetraMin fish food from the aquarium store!
  • It’s obvious that there is a very real and noticeable uptick in my workouts when I take 30 bits 10 minutes before kicking off.  I don’t have lab data to back this up, but I feel as if my lactic acid burn was delayed on hill climbs on the bike, and I could push much harder in the pool without feeling completely smashed.
  • I can’t attest to this, but my wife reports that her in-between meal hunger is squashed when she takes EnergyBits.
  • My wife also said that taking 5-8 bits prior to bedtime helped deep sleep come on quicker.  I conk out easily after reading at bedtime, but for her it’s tougher.

I can easily say with confidence that these little wonders will be used heavily by yours truly, and everyone in my household.  We’ve given my daughters EnergyBits in the morning with breakfast as a little vitamin-booster, and they ask for them every morning now.  As my triathlon training program evolves into longer and more intense training sessions (again my goal this year is to not just survive but complete ROCK my 70.3 Labor Day weekend), EnergyBits will be in my tri-bag and in my FuelBelt.


All in all, thumbs way up on this.  I’m generally oblivious to the way supplements and products “make me feel” for some reason.  I need about 1000 mg of ibuprophen in order to take the edge off of anything, and continuous cups of coffee really don’t wire me up, but EnergyBits provided a noticeable change for the better. 

I have applied to become an EnergyBits Ambassador, however I purchased my supply (beyond my free samples) on my dime.  I do not, as of yet, have the ability to take orders, but I will update my blog and Twitter when I do.