Physical Therapy 1 month Re-Evaluation

Yesterday I had my one-month check in with my Ortho surgeon to review my progress following my hip surgery.

I could tell that on Friday during my PT tests I was light-years beyond where I was one month ago. My hip is feeling not quite normal, but pretty darn close. I spent 60 minutes on my tri bike on Saturday afternoon spinning at a low resistance level, and that duration of time coupled with a closed hip angle made my psoas a little bit tight, which I can still feel today. My strength benchmarks are all close to equal – originally I was 100/40.

All in all, PT is working out really well, and we’re staying the course and will be adding some soft tissue work to try to loosen things up a bit. Running is still a bit off in the distance yet, but I can do those workouts on the elliptical easily enough.

My first race that I would like to do is the first weekend in May – the Devilman in Southern New Jersey. Here’s my race report from 2013 – it’s an odd race in that the sprint is more like a sprint-and-a-half, and the half-lite is just about a 50 miler as opposed to a 70.3.  I’m thinking I’m realistically looking at the sprint just to get a shorter race under my belt this season.


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