Quick Post-Surgery Update

So my initial PT visit went well.  My Physical Therapist (also a USAT Level 1 Tri coach) and I hit it off well and I did pretty well in my movement and strength assessments.  Apparently I’ve only got about 40% of the strength in the repaired hip, but the range of motion is pretty good.  I lack some range of motion in my hamstrings and glutes, and my hips are pretty tight to begin with, so this isn’t necessarily new news.

I was given some exercises for strengthening and stretching, which I’ve been doing religiously in the week since my first appointment.  I’ve also upped my time duration on both the stationary bike (not my tri bike on the trainer yet) as well as the elliptical.  I’ll be getting back in the pool this week as my incisions are almost 100% healed.

My wife and I are also doing the Plank-A-Day Challenge, and we’re up to 45 seconds so far on day 7.


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