Eye on the ball

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on this here blog, so here’s what’s latest and greatest…

This will be a bit “stream-of-consciousness”, as that’s the way I tend to write most of the time!:

  • Completely psyched about the fact this in ONE WEEK I’ll be flying to Phoenix, Arizona for my first Ironman event.  I am volunteering at Ironman Arizona, and I am very much looking forward to absorbing the race atmosphere and learning everything I possibly can from those that are battling the 140.6 beast.
  • In Arizona, I’m looking forward to meeting/greeting with the pros and friends I’ve made on Twitter.  The Slowtwitch party at Tribe Multisports seems to be the place to be.
  • Injuries – Arthroscopic hip labrum surgery is scheduled for 12/18.  In addition I broke a tooth and that needs to be extracted ASAP.  It’s an old root canal job from 19 years ago and it fractured up at the root.  It hurts but its manageable and I’m getting by.  I should be able to get it done prior to my AZ trip.
  • I applied for Team Everyman Jack – these guys are one of my favorite personal product providers.  You may or may not know that I’m a bit particular when it comes to soap and shaving products – I’ve got pretty sensitive skin and the more chemicals a product has, the more I tend to break out.  I’ve moved to old-timey wet shaving rather than cartridge razors, and EMJ lotions and washes are a go-to for me.  Meredith Kessler tweeted that they have a triathlon team and are accepting applications for age-groupers.  While I’m not necessarily “elite”, I plan on racing lots in 2014 in some big places, and I do know quite a bit about marketing and positioning products well (it’s my day job, after all).  I went ahead and applied and we’ll see what happens.  I truly love their products and I hope I have a chance to represent them in 2014!

My fitness goals between now and my rehab (which would begin on 12/19) is to (a) lose some of my excess weight through better, cleaner eating and (b) increase activity focusing on aerobic base and flexibility.  My hip is feeling a little less angry than it has been, although I swam last night and it was very sore coming out of the water (too much flexion).  I’m going to begin using paddles and a pull-buoy to work my upper body a little more.  Anything I can do that’s as non-loading as possible so as not to aggravate the general area will be fine.

I think the sheer gravity and inspiration that I’ll witness at Ironman Arizona will get me back to a better mental place – focusing on the positive and keeping my eye on the ball.  It’s about OUTCOMES here, and my primary goal will be to get to a level that allows for a 70.3 in June and a 140.6 in November.  The byproducts of those efforts will be practically endless, and I’ll have that journey for the rest of my life!