Had my breakthrough…

I headed out on a run yesterday – my training plan called for a 45 minute run in a comfortable RPE (my plan isn’t using zones, but loosely interpreted I wanted to stick in Zone 2).  I figured about 4 miles at a very conservative pace would do the job.

It was a blustery 43 degrees in Wilmington, DE.  Not too bad, and the sun was shining.  I strapped on my Garmin 910xt (I use the HR monitor as well as the footpod for cadence) and I was off.

I settled into my running playlist that is peppered with tunes in the 170-180 bpm range.  I felt great, but I was waiting patiently for that “wall” of discomfort that normally appears somewhere between .8 and 1.5 miles.

It never came.

The run felt glorious.  I just didn’t just feel good – I felt like that kid in the Twilight movies that could turn into a werewolf on-demand.  My feet were gobbling up pavement, and I was able to keep my HR down enough to increase my speed to just about my 10K race time from last year.  I was shocked.

I allowed my mind to wander.  Geez, could I just keep running all afternoon?  I had limited time, but I ended up going 8.2 miles for a strong 90 minutes.  During my “mind-wander”, I couldn’t help picturing myself running somewhere hot, somewhere humid, somewhere black.  C’mon, you know where…




I really began to get this odd feeling that I could not only survive longer distances (Olympic and HIM on the schedule this year), but I could begin to conceive of a time down the road where a full Ironman distance race could be within my vision.

I know – “Slow down there big boy – one nice 8 mile run and now your all crazy-talking…”

It’s beginning to intrude on my thinking multiple times per day.  I’m beginning to believe that I might someday belong to that esteemed group of folks that have become “Ironman”.  My workouts have become longer and more focused.  My diet has become more consistent (my wife is helping a great deal with this, since not only has she gone VEGAN but she’s been eating nothing but RAW for 3 weeks now – and down almost 15 lbs).

A person can become very “dangerous” when he begins to believe in himself…


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