Aaaand – we’re now into March…

So February was here and gone in the blink of an eye.  It’s tough to believe that March is upon us.

According to my calendar, my half-iron race is a little more than 27 weeks away.  The training plan I’m using is designed for 20 weeks, so that means about April 21st.  So I’ve got about 6 weeks until I can officially start this program and end it on time.


So what do I do to fill in the time?

  • March will be dedicated to getting STRONGER and LIGHTER.  These are two outcomes that are somewhat diametrically opposed – usually strength  means some degree of size.  I plan to lift two days per week through the middle of April, concentrating on posterior chain and large compound movements.
  • Swim hard – tomorrow morning will be my first organized swim practice with my tri team the Delaware Swim and Fitness Center TriDawgs.  I joined them for two open water swim practices last summer, but these Saturday morning sessions are 90 minutes of structured, coached, and intense work.  I’m in no way ready, but I need to step it up and there’s no reason to wait any longer.
  • More speed work on the bike and the run.  I’ve been doing a lot of lower intensity zone 2 stuff, and it’s time to go shorter and more intense.

My hope is that I can drop another 5-8 lbs while getting a little stronger.


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