First Ride on the New Ride

So yesterday I started work early and hung in there late – I work from home so this is easy for me to accomplish.  I try to be extremely disciplined with my to-do lists and covering all my bases, however having that work-from-home flexibility is key when you have to sneak in a workout to stay on schedule.

I still can't believe that I own this thing.

I still can’t believe that I own this thing.

I took a longer-than-usual lunch and swung down to take delivery of the new bike.  They were in the process of setting up the geometry of the seat and stem to my Guru measurements.  A couple of minor corrections had to be made for aerobar pad height and the Cannondale saddle – I tested on very generic components on the Guru system.  I thought about getting into an Adamo or a Fizik saddle, but it turns out that the stock standard saddle that comes with the Slice is actually pretty darn awesome all by itself, so I figured I’d keep it to get started.

They set the bike up on a trainer and I began to spin.  The setup needed minor tweaks but otherwise it was EXACTLY like we left it after the Guru-Fit session.  I was told that the position I naturally gravitated to was quite a bit more “aero-aggressive” than most riders that come in for a first time fit, so I must be doing something right in terms of flexibility training.

Last night I set up my Garmin mount, my Cadence/Speed sensors, and the Profile Design AeroDrink bottle between the bars.  I decided I’d get up early and give it a go.


Notice the pastel-blue furniture? My “PainCave” rents space from my daughters’ Barbie and American Girl Dolls….

First Impressions:

  1. The bike gives the feeling of being a whole lot lower to the ground.  I know this is the entire point, right?
  2. I feel like my position might need to be made a little more comfortable – the saddle feels good, but it’s feeling pretty extreme.
  3. I’m hoping I can get used to this new truer aero position – it’s all new to me since my old bike was way to big and poorly fit.
  4. My bike layoff has hurt my overall fitness – I need to build back.
  5. I can’t wait to see how it rolls on the street – getting the bike into the house from the driveway it hit me how doggone LIGHT this carbon frame is.  I know there are still some weight trimming that can be done, as it is by no means in its lightest form (carbon bars, better group set, wheels, etc).

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