New bike on the way – Now I feel like partying!

“No matter how tough the meat may be, it’s going to be tender if you slice it thin enough.”
– Guy Fieri

I think this quote sums up a lot about multi-sport training.  A week ago I was spinning out a little bit – not certain about what I was doing.  I was deep in the throws of the stomach flu, I felt weak and depleted, and not to mention I did not own a bike (not even a hybrid cruiser or anything!).  I look forward at the calendar to early May and there’s the NJ Devilman, and then to June for the TriRock PhillyTri.

So I was in a rough patch.  My training up until last week was a bit informal, however it was pretty consistent and targeted.  My goal was to build base fitness and lose some pounds in the process.  I cranked out a 30 minute time trial and identified my Lactate Threshold as per this article by Joe Friel.  I found that the settings that my Garmin watch had pre-populated as per my age and user profile pretty closely nailed my numbers.

So a lot was going well.  I felt as if my time was being used well, and while I was a little light on the bike time, I was making nice gains in the pool and on the run.

My last post talked about my GuruFit session at Wooden Wheels, Newark, DE.  When I caught up with Tom a couple days later, he had some bad news.  The measurements indicate that while I have the leg length and height of a guy that should ride a 58 cm bike, my torso hip-to-shoulder is kind of short, and I belong in something more like a 54cm frame with a shorter top tube.  He gave me a couple of makes and models that would fit, but sadly the 58 Cervelo Dual I had my eye on was not one of them.  I’m glad I know better, since the impulsive Brian was very close to saying “Screw it” and just buying the bigger frame because it was a deal.  It would have been a miserable experience in the aero position, and I would have fallen out of love with “the deal” quickly.

I asked him if he had anything in the category of “new old stock” and he had one Cannondale Slice 5 left over from 2012 in 56cm.  The Slice (again, referring to the quote at the outset of this post)  is known for having a relatively tall frame without a lot of horizontal length, which is right up my alley.  While I much prefer the grey and blackout look of the new 2013, the 2012 looks pretty cool too:


I ended up getting what amounts to a 50% discount off of last year’s price, and he’s going to throw in a $100 equipment credit (which I’ll probably use on an Fizik or Adamo saddle).  Considering this is a full-carbon frame with Shimano 105 derailleurs, I think it’s a pretty good deal.  I even checked with a childhood friend of mine that’s a big Specialized dealer up in CT – he said to grab it!  The bike was built yesterday and he’s transferring my fit dimensions to it tomorrow.  I’ll be stopping in Tuesday or Wednesday for a final fit and to take her home!

Tying this all together, no task is insurmountable if you “Slice” it thin enough.  I’m going to take it step by step and enjoy the journey, even though there might be some miserable weeks along the way.


3 thoughts on “New bike on the way – Now I feel like partying!

  1. Nice bike. I loooooove bikes. Very sharp. Glad you’re feeling better, we all have bad weeks, you just get back on the bike :).

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