Training updates – getting fitter and stronger

I had a couple of encouraging things happen this week…

First, I’ve had zero bites on the sale of my road bike.  I’ve got it posted on Craigslist, but not even a tire-kicker.  I think with three days-worth of snow and flurries it’s just a bad time to be trying to sell a bike.

Second, I’ve had a great time using a new iOS app LoseIt!  I’m just using the free version and it’s fantastic.  The food library is extensive for food tracking, and the barcode scanner is excellent.  I have it on my iPad but the app is really designed for the iPhone.  I’ve eaten extremely clean this week, and I can feel it.  My wife has upgraded to premium and there are some enhanced diet metrics that can be tracked, in addition to WiFi scale capabilities.

I really had a good week training.  I want to get my bike situation straightened out so I can really begin pounding out the miles, and since I am now aware that my current equipment is ill-fitting, it makes me less enthused about jumping on the trainer.  I was able to get two good long runs in keeping my HR down in my desired range, and my swims have been excellent.  I was really hoping to grab big gains on the bike during these cold months, but I’ll take the swim improvement too!

Now, I’m off to the kitchen to make a couple of Super Bowl indulgences.  We have a Mexican 7 Layer Dip that is awesome (I call it “Mexican Lasagna”), and I’m making some New Orleans BBQ Shrimp.  We’re going to enjoy ourselves today, and then bust our asses tomorrow.


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