Tetanus shots suck, and my bike is for sale

So I had a physical last Wednesday and I was actually looking forward to it.  I’m in such better shape than I was back in 2010 when I had my last physical and bloodwork done.  I’ve always had naturally low cholesterol and blood pressure, but he gave me some static over my weight and BMI.  I’m sure I’m like a lot of you believe that the BMI grids are total hogwash, but with my blossoming interest in triathlon training and running a lot of that has taken care of itself.

I weighed in at 224, which is down about 15 pounds from my last weigh in (2010).  I proudly told him about my feats of craziness in 2012 (two triathlons, a half marathon, several 5Ks, a 50 mile bike race) and he was impressed.  The odd thing was that my bad cholesterol was about 5 points high – he naturally chalked it up to red meat and whole eggs, but I eat red meat but once a week and try to go lightly on the egg yolks.  We agreed that if I drop my weight down to 200 that the cholesterol should also go down dramatically. I’m already down 4 pounds.

He REALLY pushed me on a tetanus shot – I figured that it might be a good idea considering that one small spill on the bike (road rash) in the warmer weather could warrant the shot.  I hate injections, but I took it like a man.

And then my left arm went dead…

For the next 5 days, I could barely do anything.  I couldn’t even sleep on my left side in bed!  Swimming was out of the question, but the shot also knocked my system down a bit and I felt tired, fatigued, and a little achy, especially late in the day.  So I’ve been on the shelf resting and stretching, and eating CLEAN.  I started using the LOSE IT! app on my iPhone and iPad and it’s a fabulous way to track consumption.  I wish GarminConnect had something as good, or anything for that matter.  Goal weight of 180, here I come.

Also notable this week – I signed up for the NJ State triathlon (July – Olympic Distance).

I want to raise funds to upgrade my bike, so the easy decision is to put my bike on the trading block – it’s too big for me and just not the right tool for the task at hand.  I have two bikes somewhat locally that I am considering – a 2008 Cervelo P1 (known as the Dual) and a 2011 Felt B16 (full carbon).  I’m leaning towards the Felt but it’s about $600 more.  Both are in excellent shape – we’ll see what happens.



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