Training Updates and Catching Up

I’ve began to ramp up the intensity slightly over the past two weeks.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I’m bored, and I feel like a total slacker.
  2. I’ve put on about 8 extra pounds over the holidays, and I feel more “blah” than I have in the last year.
  3. I began to encounter self-generated excuses as to why I SHOULDN’T work out – mainly centered around not burning out too early for a September Half Ironman race, etc…

So I decided to kick it into gear and get things started.


Bike –

I’ve been hitting it pretty good in the basement on my trainer.  My TV programming of choice has been either (a) catching up on HOMELAND on Showtime OnDemand or (b) watching past NBC Ironman Kona broadcasts I ripped from YouTube.  I also have three purchased videos from The Sufferfest for when my base is more adequately built up, but those will be for later.

One of the things that somewhat troubling is that I now know that my bike is INCREDIBLY too big for me.  I’m just about 6’1″, and the Trek 1.1 I have is just not a good fit.  As a result I have to lean WAY forward to use my aerobars, and the position is just not comfy.  A new bike will be in order sometime soon.





My new kicks are Saucony Kinvara 3s.  I was pretty set on the newest version of the ASICS Noosa Tri, but the Sauconys felt perfect for my oddly-shaped feet.  They are much lighter, and while not totally minimal, they have much less cushioning – meaning I can more comfortably run forefoot striking than in my big chunky ASICS Kayanos.

I am battling a bit of a stubborn knot in my right calf.  I’ve tried heat, ice, compression, The Stick, foam rolling, and even Ultrasound therapy (I own an ultrasound wand unit) to no avail.  I see my chiro on Friday and I’m going to see what he can do.



I’ve just recently gotten back in the water following an almost 90 day hiatus.  In short, I suck.  All my endurance is gone, so it’s going to be a battle to consistently get my time in.  I am still averaging 1:40ish per 100 so my speed is fine.


Diet –

One of things I’m going to need to do is monitor my daily intake, and not over-indulge.  I’m currently about 225, and I really want to be down close to 200 pounds by the time June rolls around.  I know once my training attack begins the weight is just going to come off, but I still need to implement some common sense.


Tonight is my first double session – I ran a quick 2-miler in the new sneakers at lunchtime outside and I’ll shoot for about 1000 yards tonight in the pool (maybe more depending on how I feel).  We’ll see how it goes.


Next post will be race scheduling…


2 thoughts on “Training Updates and Catching Up

    • I’m in the process of working up to the Sufferfest fun. Right now I’m building fitness in order to hang with the pacing. I’m watching lots of Kona recordings and Homeland (obviously).

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