2012 Wrap Up Obligatory Blog Post

I'm not having nearly the fun i appear to be having...

I’m not having nearly the fun i appear to be having…

I’ve been a little lame in the blogging department lately.  Come to think of it, I’ve been pretty lame all the way around, but the funk I’m in is just ready to break and I see the clouds parting and the sun beginning to shine.

Yes there have been some personal setbacks over the past couple of months, but things are on the mend and I’m gaining a very positive and refreshing outlook on life, love, and myself.  I’ve got a ton of work to do, but I’m pleased at the work and the accomplishments from 2012:

  • I parlayed my first 5K (12/11) into several road races, a burgeoning triathlon addiction, and better health all the way around.
  • I’ve learned that I can run longer distances injury-free and comfortably.
  • Despite the 5 pounds 10 pounds I’ve gained over the past 6 weeks, I’m feeling pretty strong and healthy and have a bright outlook as we head into 2013.
  • I’ve learned to balance an aggressive career with triathlon training volume.
  • I’ve become much more interested in vegetables and eating cleaner (except the last 6 weeks).
  • I’ve become better about my consistency and training – harder and smarter.
  • Professionally, the sky is the limit.  Wonderful first full year at my company.


For 2013, I’ve scheduled some landmark races for myself, and I’m sure I’ll add in a couple of additional ones too:

  • May 5 – NJ Devilman Triathlon (Sprint: 0.4 Mile Swim~20.5 Mile Bike~4 Mile Run)
  • June 23 – Philly Tri (Olympic: .9 mile swim / 24.8 mile bike / 6.2 mile run)
  • Sept 8 – Diamondman Challenge (HalfIron: 1.2 Swim~56 Bike~13.1 Run)

I’m sure there will be others added as well.  I think I’d like to do the same Snowball 5 miler I did last year just to see how speed is progressing.  I’m not sure about LIVESTRONG, as it’s pretty expensive and the date is pretty close to Memorial Day weekend and the Diamondman.  We’ll see how things progress, but there are some other races that are on the watch list.  The schedule will take precedence, but I also have a lot of FUN racing, and I don’t want to lose that.

So I’ll be jumping back into formal training tomorrow with a solid trainer ride, followed by some core work.  I will be using January and February to build back fitness, and then March will be the sequenced HIM plan implementation.

Best of luck to all of you and your journeys in 2013.  I hope you find your strength and inspiration along the way!


The world didn’t end, and life keeps on marching along…

I’ve been absent from the blog for a while.  Truthfully, I’ve been dealing with some issues in real life and have been loaded up with personal and professional obligations as we near year-end.  I haven’t trained too much after my first half marathon on 11/11/12, as I felt like rest and recovery was the name of the game.  I pushed pretty hard towards the end of the fall to complete a triathlon and then a 1/2, so I wanted to ensure some downtime in order to keep sharp.


I know this probably sounds lame, but the rest has been a good thing.  My kids are now heavily involved with our JCC’s winter swim team, and as a result just about every Tuesday and Thursday evening have been spent at the local Jewish Community Center.  Mind you we’re not Jewish, but the local JCC has a top notch camp and after school program that our kids really enjoy.  The swim team is also excellent, and they are really responding well to the coaching.


Right after the new year, I will embark on my 2013 70.3 plan.  As of right now the Half Ironman I am planning on is Labor Day weekend, so I’ll take January and February to add on an informal base program to build base, speed and strength.  The schedule I have is 20 weeks, so that will kick into gear in April or so.  I’m excited to get going, and I can’t wait.