Fun at the race expo – t-minus 24 hours…

So this time tomorrow I’ll probably be about halfway through the race.  I am equal parts excited, terrified, and confident – I know that makes zero sense, but not much about any of this exercise does!

Seriously though, my business week here in San Antonio wrapped up really well yesterday, and as soon as I was free from obligations I shot on over to the convention center to hit the race expo.  The only other large race I’ve participated in (Broad Street Run in Philly was over 40,000) I skipped the expo and just grabbed my number.

Publicly, “Rock-and-Roll” events seem to carry a pretty positive opinion of their race operations, and if the race is supported as efficiently as the expo then I think I’m in for a good time.  It was a big event with tons of vendors and exhibitors, some running workshops, and something for everybody.

I did a little shopping for myself:

  • I grabbed some GU gels since I didn’t want to chance taking them through TSA
  • I grabbed some Nuun tablets for my hydration – I’ve been accustomed to Gatorade with a little BLOX silk amino acids added, but my system seems to function fine with either.  The Nuun is easier to transport home through TSA.
  • Shades – I grabbed a cheap pair of sunglasses – I forgot mine.
  • Fuel Belt pouch – I normally leave my cell at home, but I want to grab some photos.  Additionally it’s just a good idea while away from home.
  • CEP sleeves – I’ve work some inexpensive compression socks post-workouts, but I’ve never actually run in them.  I went for a short treadmill run yesterday and they felt nice, kind of like my shins and calfs are getting a nice hug!  I’m going to wear my full socks home on the plane tomorrow, but I’m going to give them a shot in the race.
  • I grabbed the 13.1 finisher shirt in addition to the freebie they gave away (which is a bit crappy in my opinion).  The finisher shirt is much nicer.


I grabbed some other freebies as I cruised through the expo.  I really wish my wife and kids were here with me, but there’s a ton going on at home and it just wasn’t feasible.  The one thing you don’t notice when travelling for business is that there is generally something ELSE to do next, and clients or colleagues to do it with.  Out here I’m solo this weekend, and dinner all by myself really sucked last night.

I’m working from the hotel room this morning, and then I’ll go for a walk to loosen up the legs a little later.  I’ll get a good stretch in, then apply some BioFreeze to help with some last minute recovery.  Lots of carbs and water today is the name of the game!


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