Touchdown in Texas

My flight miraculously took off on time from Philly and I landed in San Antonio without incident.  This pleasantly shocks me seeing as the East Coast and the Philly area once again had the scourge of inclement weather to deal with.  Thankfully despite the sleet falling I managed to get out ahead of the bad stuff.

I’m here in Texas for work.   A big part of my job is managing the relationships my company has with professional associations, especially those in healthcare human resources and recruitment.  I actually don’t present until Friday morning, but there are some meetings and social things going on this morning (Thursday) so I need to be here.

Of course that’s all well and good, but the presentation is one I’ve given about 25 times this year.  What’s really on my mind is my first half marathon on Sunday – also my 40th birthday.

I really starting running with purpose last fall, gearing up for a 5K in early December of 2011.  It took a lot of work to run for 30 minutes without stopping, and my goal for that first race was to not throw up, walk, or cry (and I was successful!).  Even before I warmed down from that 5K, I decided to find a race on or about my 40th and run 13.1 as a “stretch goal”.  Along the way I ended up falling into a bike purchase in June and I became completely obsessed with triathlon.  This was mainly at the inspiration provided by a buddy of mine who, as a cancer survivor and hart transplant recipient, is tearing up 70.3s, marathons, and is scheduled to do two 140.6 events in 2013!

I wouldn’t say I’m totally prepared for this race on Sunday.  I pushed it on the treadmill on Tuesday evening and ran some hard intervals for 30 minutes and the result is that I feel a little “twingy” in my shins.  It’ll be ice and friction massage later in my room, for sure.  I do feel that I can monitor my HR zones well enough to get through in about 2:15, so that’s the time I’m shooting for if all goes well.  We’ll have to see about that, but I really just want to have fun, suffer a little bit, and then head home to Delaware for cake and ice cream!

So I plan to blog a bit on my downtime – I’ve got lots to keep me busy (like a late expense report from October a mile long) but I’ll be here Friday night and Saturday for the race expo flying solo, so I’ll be bored and filling the time no doubt.


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