Fixing a Broken Fence

So this morning after I drop my kids at school, I head to my dentist to receive the LAST of my 21 Invisalign appliances.  If you’re not familiar, Invisalign is a different way to fix crooked teeth through the use of plastic molded retainers that snap down and put 360-degree pressure on your teeth.  Since conventional braces only put pressure and torque on the bracket cemented onto the tooth surface, the Invisalign treatment tends to move along quicker.

If you look at the About section of this page, you’ll notice that my blog has morphed into something other than what I originally intended.  I guess that’s a healthy progression, an I’m pretty certain that it’s happened to others at well.  We tend to talk about the things that drive us and inspire us at those moments.  For a great deal of 2012, it’s been fitness and triathlon, but on entering 2012 the prospect of fixing my teeth and restoring my smile was too awesome to comprehend.

I’ll share some before/after photos when the treatment is complete.  Also, this was a lot less expensive to do than going the veneers route (would have required a 2nd mortgage, and maybe a 3rd).

I leave for Texas tomorrow to speak at a conference in San Antonio.  I then stay the weekend for my first Half Marathon (Rock-and-Roll San Antonio).  The only thing that diminishes the excitement is that I’ll wake up on Sunday morning for the race and I’ll be 40 years old, and my family will be 1,700 miles away.  It sucks, but I’ll have cake and ice cream with them Sunday evening after I arrive home.


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