Setting goals for 2013 – Just Registered PhillyTri 2013

I’m pretty excited this morning on the heels of some disappointment yesterday.  It was announced (recently?) that the WTC and Ironman have disconnected from the Ironman 70.3 event in the Pocono Mountains of PA.  PhillyTri, the local sponsor, will try to have some sort of event in the area, but it obviously loses some of its cache without the infamous logo.

PhillyTri does have a nice event in the city in June in both Sprint and Olympic distances, so I went ahead and signed up for my first Olympic race!

The swim is in the Schuykill River, and while it doesn’t really appeal to me, I’ve heard from others that it’s not bad at all.  The sights are beautiful, and the course is actually fairly fast. My main goals for the race will be:






  • A good, solid swim under control (no spazzing out like a freak)
  • A bike leg with average speed between 18-20mph (need to look closer at the course)
  • A 10K better than my LIVESTRONG 10K (sub 60 minutes)

So, my offseason training will be gearing to this as a first major milepost in the season.  I’ll throw some shorter stuff in before June for sure, but this race is real and I plan to take it serious.  If I can rock the Olympic in June, then the HalfFull in early October ought to be fun.


How’s your offseason planning and race scheduling coming along?


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