Getting Ready for My Half, and Planning Offseason

So with the storm named “Sandy” bearing down on us, I took the last few days to tighten up our home’s perimeter.   I took a trip up to the roof to clear gutters and leaves.  On Saturday we hosted 12 little girls for my daughters’ Halloween Party, but up to about 10 minutes before the first kid arrived, my father and I were “elbows-deep” in my basement’s sump pump system!

As it ended up, we had some high winds and lots of sideways rain, but aside form a few branches that came down around my neighborhood we were fine.  In fact I think my kids were a little bummed we didn’t get to try to rough-it!

My sister lost a huge tree that might have caused a car accident in front of her house, as well as another mammoth tree falling right on top of her SUV.  Everyone was fine (they were at their in-laws), but it was a sobering photo to receive over text:


















  • So I was able to get in a couple of nice runs leading up to the storm.  I think I’ll be fine for the half – I’m going to treat it as a long training run, and I’ll do the best I can to enjoy the surroundings and the atmosphere.  I think an 11 minute mile is a fine pace for this time around.
  • I am in the process of reaching out to a couple of area swim coaches to get some eyes on my technique.  Once my travel for work calms down this should be easier.
  • The “TriDawgs” have Saturday morning practices at a swim club I do not belong to.  I’m hoping to get down to a few of them to push myself.
  • I am eyeing some bike trainers and aerobars on eBay.  I plan to have my LBS do the install and fitting for the bars, as I’ll probably buy a new seat post from them as well.

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