Gearing for a 70.3 in 2013

So in my previous post I’ve identified the main goals, and over the past few days I began to consider the methods and tactics I’ll need to employ in order to reach those goals.  This is all new and uncharted territory for yours truly, and I know that the work will be hard.  I’m hoping to work hard AND smart, and I think these action steps will lead the way.

In order to really ROCK the 70.3 distance, I feel that technique improvements in my freestyle technique, and power gains on the bike will help my overall time and performance.  I also believe that dropping weight will help on the run.

In order to hit my goals for speed, distance and power, the reality is that I’m going to need to drop some body weight.  Lugging 230 pounds 70.3 miles can be done, but the journey will be that much more enjoyable (?) and worthwhile if I’m more like 200 and less like 230.

Bodyweight benchmarks for 2013:

  • I want to drop 10 lbs between now and 1/1/13 —  220 lbs on 1/1/13
  • I want to drop 10 lbs more by 4/1/13  —                      210 lbs by 4/1/13
  • I would like to be sub-200 by 8/15/13

This will mean that i would be at a much healthier bodyweight for a late summer or early fall 70.3 (Pocono 70.3 or perhaps REV3Half-Full in Maryland).  This schedule is pretty gentle (not a crash diet) and will allow for good solid training to take place without trying to diet down to get to a specific number and compromising power and fitness.

Late October into November –

I am running my first half marathon on 11/11/12, so my training is very run-focused right now.  My plan is to get through the race and then recover and begin a power-focused training plan in December to help build strength, especially in my core and legs.

December through end of January-

I will be weight training two times per week, sprinting and hill repeats, and mixing in spin classes.  I’ll also be doing some very targeted strength training to help build swim power as well.  I’m hoping to have acquired an indoor bike trainer (have my eye on some CycleOps fluid trainers on eBay right now.  The name of the game is to get stronger and slimmer, as well as begin to develop the power and speed needed to get faster.  I love this article on speed building as well as this piece on strength training for the swim.

One other thing I need to attend to is the fit of my bike, which I will re-address once I pull the trigger on some clip-on aerobars from my LBS.

The big action steps:

  • Stretching and “The Stick” after each and every run.  I will not blow this off any longer, since it makes recovering for the next session that much tougher.
  • Spin and Yoga – I plan to use a local studio that is partially owned by some competitive triathletes/coaches, and the combo of strength/power/yoga is too sensible to disregard.  I can no longer ignore this.
  • Run training – there will be tempo runs, hill repeats, and threshold workouts to be sure.  No more shirking these responsibilities.
  • Swim analysis – while I think that I’m pretty solid technically, I’m sure there are some things I could benefit from, and the only really scary part of the 70.3 is the swim.

I am not envisioning a bike upgrade anytime soon (aside from the aforementioned aerobars).  I need to worry about the engine and less about the equipment.  I will be purchasing the cadence meter for the bike to go with my Garmin Forerunner 910xt and the Footpod, as I think the RPM metrics are going to help paint a better picture for data and improvement.

I am going to begin schedule planning and blocking out the periodization for the spring summer and fall months on a high level.  I’ve got a couple of mock training plans that I’ll be using as a guide.


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