It’s Race Week People!

I’m banging out this blog post sitting in my hotel in Chicago as I’m town with a large contingent from my company for the HR Technology conference.  I’m sitting in a room at the Chicago Hilton, on the same floor I visited back 4 weeks ago when I was at this same hotel for another conference!

I did make it a point to head out EARLY AM yesterday on a COLD frigid run around Grant Park.  All of the gates, barriers, corrals, and tents were still up at 5am  and security was out every half-block or so to patrol the area.  I had some fun with a few of them, as I ran up looking lost asking “Is the Finish Line around here?”.

It’s race week – my 2nd sprint tri is Sunday, and there’s a lot on the line for me.  After my tough swim experience in my first race, I need to come out of this race confident without any big issues!  My wife, kids, and my dad and stepmother will be there cheering me on, which while very positive also adds a bit of pressure.  I’ve prepared, and I’ve committed a significant amount of time to training – time that could be spent in other ways with my family.  I’ll say my family has been supportive, however I think that support has come at a bit of a cost.

So we’ll be heading down to Lewes, DE to the hotel on Saturday morning.  I’ll have packet pickup to do, and I think there might be a short swim clinic I’ll attend.  My wife is looking forward to hitting a few of the tax-free shopping outlets, and e’re all heading to dinner on Saturday night at a brilliant seafood restaurant called “Fish-On”.  Pasta will play a part in the meal, I’m certain!

My day is full today with work and then my evening flight home.  The rest of the week looks like this:

  • Wed – Swim
  • Thursday – AM run and PM weights and core
  • Friday – 8 mile bike and short swim workout with wetsuit (not bricked)
  • Saturday – Recovery walk/jog
  • Sunday – GO TIME!

I’ll make an effort to get as much rest as I can.  Any other race week suggestions you can offer me?


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