Back in the Pool – Technology Woes (aka “First World Problems”)

So it was back in the pool this morning and I can say that I still feel quite uncomfortable.  I gutted out an 850 yd effort, broken up into 100s and 200s with some rest intervals.  I’m going to head over to the local swim shop (where my tri team receives a nice discount) to grap a set of fins and a nose plug.  I’m wondering if my breathing might actually IMPROVE with the noseplugs – forcing me to become more economical.

My technique breaks down when I begin to feel physical duress.  I know my hips drop, my breathing becomes shallow, and my head comes up as I think I subconsciously fear “swimming downhill” like the coaches teach you.

Here is the video I try to visualize in the water – this guy is a goof but it’s legit advice and helpful:


Here is another I find to be good to watch pre-swim:


Also notable – my Garmin 910XT has been wonky lately in that it wasn’t capturing swim metrics at all.  I worked with tech support for the better part of a week trying to sort it all out, and it all came down to a master reset of the watch.  No loss of data, since I had everything backed up on GarminConnect.  It’s funny since I found myself bitching about a rather small inconvenience, and I have to smile thinking of the original triathletes and endurance athletes training with little to zero technology back in the day.  All in all, this was a very first world problem, so this is my smiling and not complaining anymore!  🙂


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