Still fighting the cold, but itching to train…

So I’ve been battling this cold since Saturday, and while the worst day was Sunday, it has really wiped me out.  Meanwhile, I daydream of bricks, hill repeats, transition layout plans, and my next long run.  OK – maybe bricks are a bit extreme, but you get the point…

That bowling ball is a fair representation of how my head feels…








My head still feels like a bowling ball, and the congestion is moving out and into my chest and throat.  I know this is positive, but it’s still going to sick for a while.

My immediate plan is to head into the weight room and rock some resistance training this afternoon.  My breathing will be less affected and at least it’ll be something.  I’m going to focus on good solid healthy eating and some planning for the next training phase.  I’ve got my next sprint triathlon on 10/14, and I finish up with my first half marathon (on my 40th birthday) on 11/11.  Rock on.

OK – enough pity-party.  I hate blog posts like this, but it was a necessary catharsis.


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