Training while sick…

About 10 days ago, my 8 year old brought home a gift, in the form of invisible pathogens presumably borrowed from her BFF at school.

First my wife came down with it HARD.  Then my 6 year old battled it.  I left on a business trip this past Saturday morning for Denver prepared to work out hard (one swim and one long run were on the schedule).  I came ready and prepared, and even thought ahead to slot the swim workout on my arrival day – I thought the run would be more profoundly affected by the thinner air.  My swim workout was just “meh” in the shorter 20 yard pool.

Then the symptoms set in.

I ended up in bed for most of the day yesterday (Sunday) – no way I could attempt to run with my sinuses and head the way it is.  I slept fitfully and woke this morning with a 1:30PM flight back to Philly.  It causes me to wonder how other triathletes and runners deal with illness and training?  My next race isn’t until 10/14, so I have some time.  I expect to be back into the groove on Wednesday with a weight training workout and a run Thursday.


How do you all deal with getting sick while training?


2 thoughts on “Training while sick…

  1. You get all the rest you can and wait until you feel better to get back at it. Starting too soon could jeopardize your immune system and just set you back even further. It won’t effect your fitness too much, I promise! Just take it easy. 🙂

    • Thanks Sue – that’s always my inclination is to pull back and slow down. I think (knowing myself) I stand to risk more by pushing through it, especially with some big business travel commitments coming up in the next 8 weeks.

      Thanks for your input! 🙂

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