3 days to go before my first Triathlon…

So it’s Wednesday night.  I flew to Chicago yesterday to represent my company at TaleoWorld – a user conference for Taleo’s suite of Talent Management software.  My company has built a web application to facilitate online reference checking, and we bolt-onto their applicant tracking recruitment software.  It’s a neat space to be in, and my company is largely recognized as the leader of a very shot line of capable providers in this line of work.

So I’m in Chicago, and it’s your typical tradeshow environment.  Unhealthy food, lots of alcohol, late nights, and on the whole not a very positive-pre-race environment!

I moseyed-on down to the fitness center in my hotel, thinking I would get some upper body weight training in this evening, followed by a nice long run tomorrow AM (done easy) with a full rest day Friday and an easy Saturday AM bike spin…

The fitness center – which looks completely pimped out by the way – costs $15 for guests to use daily!  I was floored!  I know it’s great looking equipment, and I’m sure it’s not cheap, but having worked in the health club industry for a time, I know that most of that equipment is on lease and business unit profitability shouldn’t make a daily fee necessary.  I was so pissed!  Needless to say, I said no thanks and proceeded back to my room for some bodyweight exercises and stretching.

I am beyond excited for Sunday.  I want to keep this about having a fun race, but the part of my brain that is wired for approval-via-achievement wants to put the pedal down and go nuts.  I’m going to plan on swimming hard, maintaining a consistent cadence on the bike (trending to the lower intensity/higher RPM), and then push the last mile of the run.  The out-n-back run course is very uphill for the first half until the turnabout, so I’ll put the hammer down there.  I’m not going to make any goal times, just go by feel.

So here I sit in my hotel room in Chicago, just getting more and more AMPED up for Sunday!


One thought on “3 days to go before my first Triathlon…

  1. How exciting your first triathlon! You’re going to rock it! And then immediately go home and try to sign up for another race. They’re very addictive. Good luck! And most importantly, have fun!!

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