New Toy – Garmin 910XT Forerunner

I’ve been experiencing several issues with my DroidX and my tracking app RunKeeper.  I like the app, and for most people it, combined with a decent Polar Heart Rate Monitor, should be all you need to get things started in terms of monitoring activity and data.  My phone has become increasingly more and more “crashy” – in fact I had to do a battery-pull-restart in the first 100 yards of a 5 miler race back in the early sprint!  I’m certain that while the app is a bit glitchy at times, the majority of the issue is with my device and it’s wonky GPS.

I needed a watch anyway, and why the 910xt looks a bit 1980s Casio – it’s not too bad.  Plus it sends the “endurance athlete vibe” – which is still a laugh riot for me but the hard work is starting to show.  There was no way I was going to mess with my phone in the triathlon races coming up over the next 30 days, and this way I can begin to get solid training data plus know and understand what’s happening “real-time” on the course.

I bought it locally at my favorite local running store – The Delaware Running Company.  I mentioned to the kid that I decided against buying it online due to the fact that DRC sponsors all kinds of great events and causes.  He thanked me, and then took 10% off my entire order (also grabbed some BodyGlide and Bungee Laces).  Sadly they do not stock the Footpod nor the Power Meter for the bike, so I’ll add those down the line.

I’ll be spending today watching football (Go EAGLES) and fooling around with the gadget.  I’m also going to play with TrainingPeaks and see how difficult the transfer is.  I’m thinking about engaging with a coach over the off-season.

If you’re considering the 910XT – read this overview –

This is getting serious!


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