Welcome September – Time for Reflection

It’s hard to fathom that we’re now into September.  I took a look back at my workout logs and I’m shocked to see how far I’ve come.  While I’m about the same weight (maybe just a little lighter), I’m much fitter and am seeing big changes in my energy levels and my body in general.

If you look at the screengrab below.you’ll notice how little activity there was prior to June 2012:


November 2011 marked a big push for me since I committed to my first 5K race.  I actually began prepping for this in September, but I did not fully adopt RunKeeper as a tracking solution immediately.

You’ll also notice a big spike in activity in June 2012 – mainly because I bought a road bike on Fathers’ Day weekend, thus opening the door to triathlon training.  I had long held out on the bike thing, but I knuckled under, and I’m glad I finally caved.

Final analysis – I am doing MUCH more than I was this time a year ago.  I’ve added muscle and dropped bodyfat.  I can honestly begin to see an Olympic Distance race in my early 2013 calendar, and possibly a late season Half Ironman.  I’m floored to type that, since 12 months ago I was just trying to survive a 3 mile run.


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