Bonk! What Happened?

What’d You Do?

I headed out at 6:15AM for a ride this morning.  I was pretty excited and pumped up for it, so my enthusiasm was there.  Today taught me that sometimes it’s just not enthusiasm that gets you through.

I didn’t eat well yesterday.  I didn’t really have a dinner to speak of, but I did have a choco-nut smoothie (greek yogurt, chocolate whey protein powder, milled flax seed, banana, almond butter).  I did enjoy a couple of Michelob Ultras last evening, but I was otherwise well-hydrated.

I jumped on the bike and began an easy warmup spin.  My legs immediately felt very heavy.  My RPE was not at all showing in my speed – effort was not equating to speed or power at all (although I do not have a power meter yet, I can tell it wasn’t there).

I cut it off at 24 minutes.  I also felt a knot behind my right knee, and this worried me a bit.  Yesterday’s run was a sprint interval run, so maybe I need to be mindful about what I schedule after those tough runs.


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