Mock triathlon yesterday = SUCCESS!

After a big diet FAIL on Monday, I decided to rally back with a big workout on Tuesday.  I felt incredible after an evening of some GI distress (I’ll spare you details), and I wanted to take advantage of some building energy, enthusiasm, and a little schedule flexibility.

I set off for the local JCC – my kids end up there in the afternoons as part of their “after-care” program from the local elementary school, so it makes for easy pick-ups in the PM.  I decided to set up a mock tri and use my car as my transition area.  My bike was mounted on my Yakima trunk rack, my bike equipment was on the left rear seat/floor, and my running stuff on the right rear seat.

At exactly 3:35 I laid into the exercise, pushing off from the edge of the pool.  I was going for steady effort and not looking to set speed records in any phase of the “race”.  I managed just over 9 minutes for 18 laps (about 440 yards or so), ad then exited the pool area on the run out to my car in the lot.  I was wearing my tri shorts (no wetsuit).

At my car I had some trouble pulling on my tri-top over wet skin.  I also burned some time getting the HR monitor on and waking up my RunKeeper app, so I would have probably saved a minute or two here.

The bike leg was in and around North Wilmington at traffic levels approaching rush hour.  I was stopped at a couple lights, but mostly I was able to avoid long waits at intersections.  I moved along, and I saw the benefit of utilizing my small chain ring in the front for hills.  The large hill that I call “The Foulk Road Hill” is my kryptonite, and I can now average ~12mph on that climb instead of burning my legs in a higher gear at 8mph.  I did a solid 14 miles around town using a higher cadence than normal to keep the legs loose.  I did a flying dismount (the other parents picking kids up seemed to be impressed) and racked the bike, transitioned to the run, and off I went.

The first thought that entered my mind was “You didn’t push the bike hard enough – your legs normally don’t feel THIS good…”, but I averaged over 16mph on the bike on some challenging terrain.  I took the first mile slowish, but arrived at a 10:20 mile or so.  I did a quick out-n-back for 3 miles.

All told – everything came in about 1:45 – possibly a little faster when you take into account lack of electronic delays (RunKeeper and music for the run, for example) – which I wouldn’t do in a race situation.  I was pleased, and I know that come race day I have an extra gear on the swim and another on the bike that should bring me down 5-8 minutes or so.

My mindset is now shifting from “surviving” my first triathlon to “how fast can I go?”

This is scary!


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