The best laid plans… sometimes FAIL

I was so psyched to head out on a long ride Saturday morning.  Friday evening I laid everything out for the next morning.  My plan was to drive to the Schuykill River Trail in Valley Forge/King of Prussia, PA and then ride about 30-40 miles on the fast, flat trail.  I was looking forward to trying out my new Pearl IzumiTri Fly IVs that I finally received in a size that fits my size 13 ‘MERICAN’ feet.  I even headed to Dick’s to pick up a Yakima trunk-mount rack for the car (the wife and kids had the SUV at the beach).

I woke up early Saturday to get the ride in early, as I had stuff to do in the afternoon.  When I got the bike up on the rack (super easy to install), I noticed that there was an oh-so-faint rub on my rear brakes.  I began playing with it, and pretty soon I had the whole brake system messed up, cable disconnected, etc.

It’s funny, since I know my limitations, and my ride partners on the LIVESTRONG ride and I kidded about how I always ask people by the side of the road “Are you guys OK?” – knowing full well I couldn’t help them if they weren’t.  In fact, if I tried there’s a strong possibility that their bike would be on fire by the time I finished the attempt…

So I needed to wait until my local BikeLine opened at 9AM.  The tech had it knocked out in about 4 minutes.  At that point I just did a short ride on my local road route with the new shoes – THEY ARE INCREDIBLE.  Apparently they are designed for bare feet (triathlon) and they did not disappoint.  I have goofy-shaped huge feet, and sometimes even certain bedroom slippers are uncomfortable to me – but these things rock.  I feel like if I tried to ride a Century, it wouldn’t be my feet that would be the problem.

NOTE – I did order the Zinn Manual immediately.  My goal is to become slightly less incompetent destructive when it comes to bicycles….


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