Ran a 5K Tonight – Tour de Lance Wilmington, DE

I jumped into a 5K this evening – again to benefit LIVESTRONG.  It was held on the Wilmington waterfront right along the Christina river.  I met my buddy Derek and his wife LeeAnn and a friend of Derek’s from Team-In-Training Laurie.  Derek’s knee has been a bit wonky since running his 1/2 marathon last weekend in San Diego, so he was our designated photographer for the evening!.


The course is flat, since it’s right along the waterfront.  I’ve not really worried too much about speed over the past year, but I was wondering if I could break 27 minutes.  I ran a 27:46 last December in my first race ever.  I’ve run a 5 miler, a 10K, and a 10 miler in the meantime, but I wasn’t sure if I’m really much faster.


I wanted to find a 9 minute per mile pace, but at the start I failed to see how FAR BACK in the crowd I was.  I had to expend a lot of energy running around baby strollers walkers into open space where I could get going.  As a result I never found that groove, my heart rate went way up, and I was hanging on by a thread to try to keep that pace.  Mile 2 to mile 3 was WAY slow, as I backed off to bring the HR down below 170 bpm.


End result, I ran a 28:04.  I’m not too upset, but it was a little hot, plus with better planning I would have had a better time getting free and finding my groove.


We rounded up at Iron Hill Brewery for a beer, and some dinner.  It was great picking Derek’s brain about his own training.  I almost forget sometimes that outside of his amazing accomplishments in endurance racing, he is a heart transplant recipient – I was reminded again of that fact when LeeAnn’s phone sounded an alarm reminder for Derek to take his meds.


So in the end – it’s a great cause – a BIG turnout for the race, and an excuse to hang with some awesome folks and get a sweat on.  My lower legs are a big ouchy right now, but I’ll tend to that momentarily.


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