Feeling very confident now…

I’ve had an incredible beginning of August.  Last Wednesday I joined the folks from the Delaware Swim and Fitness TriDawgs for an OWS session at Lums Pond State Park.  The water was way too warm for my wetsuit, but I wore my trishorts just for that reason.


I jumped in and proceeded down the buoy line of 1/4 mile.  I kept my pace steady, only switching to breast stroke a couple of times.  Sighting really wasn’t that big of a deal during the freestyle I found.  I also found that while there were some excellent masters swimmers there, and a few that rocked the Lake Placid Ironman the weekend before, I was certainly not the slowest or weakest in the group.


I ended up logging a full mile swim in about 38 minutes – very short treading-water moments at the end buoys.


Since August first I’ve logged just about 29 miles of roadwork (bike & run).  I’m feeling very strong, but the bike/run brick this morning knocked me on my ass when I lapsed into an narcoleptic impromptu 30 minute nap at 7PM!


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