Great week so far, first swim with the tri team tomorrow evening

I am equal parts excited and terrified at the prospect of my first swim practice with the TriDawgs.  The TriDawgs are actually a partner of the Delaware Swim and Fitness Center (of which I am not a member), but the team is a legitimately coached and organized group of almost 200 triathletes.  It’s free to join – all they ask is that I race under their “flag” and my points and participation will go towards their achievement in the Greater Atlantic Club Challenge via Piranha Sports.


I did receive my brand new wetsuit – a Vortex 4 by XTERRA.  I tried it on and it feels tight (which it’s supposed to), but more flexible and moveable than the cheaper Zoot suit I rented on vacation for my OWS.  I am psyched to get it wet tomorrow.


I rode hard yesterday, and lifted this morning.  I’ll run tomorrow early AM and then psych myself up for the ride to Lums Pond and the open water swim and the team practice.  I hope I do not embarrass myself.  On some level if the race were this weekend I am confident that while it would hurt lots and I might throw up, I would finish respectably.  The fact I have 6 more weeks makes me feel like I can not only survive it, but look decent doing it.


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