Now we’re cooking with gas!

I’ve been lazy with updates, however you’ll be happy to know that I am still religiously journaling every day. Since you’re not allowed in my bedroom to peek, I’ll give you the lowdown.

I’ve been bitten by the triathlon bug. I bought a Trek roadbike (for a song!) on Craigslist and I’ve been enjoying the process of learning how it works. That sounds crazy, but my last bike was my BMX bike I used to jump ramps in my neighborhood when I was 11.

So in that vein, I’ve added a September sprint tri to the one I’m committed to in October – mainly because the September event involves a lake swim and I thought it would be wise to ramp up to the ocean swim in October (for confidence purposes). I bought a wetsuit, and I’ll begin some OWS practices with the TriDawgs next Wednesday.


Pool and road workouts are going well. I’m doing something every day, however I will be making the following adjustments:

  1. With the exception of Sprint Interval runs – I’ll be keeping my HR below 141 bpm. I’m usually in the 170 range, and I’m not teaching my cardio system long-term endurance like I should be according to this.
  2. I need to get back to strength training. I’ve been so enamored with the mileage, I’ve not dug in enough to power and strength. If I want to do a Half IM in 2013, I’ll need that foundation.
  3. Nutrition has been fine. I’ve been in check with calories and maintained a fairly clean diet.


So we live and learn. I’m learning this as I go, but I feel stronger, my clothes are loose, and I feel mucho energy in the evenings, which is new for me.  Also, please look for me on under “brianggilbert”.



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