Great week so far, first swim with the tri team tomorrow evening

I am equal parts excited and terrified at the prospect of my first swim practice with the TriDawgs.  The TriDawgs are actually a partner of the Delaware Swim and Fitness Center (of which I am not a member), but the team is a legitimately coached and organized group of almost 200 triathletes.  It’s free to join – all they ask is that I race under their “flag” and my points and participation will go towards their achievement in the Greater Atlantic Club Challenge via Piranha Sports.


I did receive my brand new wetsuit – a Vortex 4 by XTERRA.  I tried it on and it feels tight (which it’s supposed to), but more flexible and moveable than the cheaper Zoot suit I rented on vacation for my OWS.  I am psyched to get it wet tomorrow.


I rode hard yesterday, and lifted this morning.  I’ll run tomorrow early AM and then psych myself up for the ride to Lums Pond and the open water swim and the team practice.  I hope I do not embarrass myself.  On some level if the race were this weekend I am confident that while it would hurt lots and I might throw up, I would finish respectably.  The fact I have 6 more weeks makes me feel like I can not only survive it, but look decent doing it.


The time is approaching quickly – races around the corner…

I was traveling most of this past week, but I still managed to get some much needed road work in while in Indianapolis (BTW – the JW Marriott is wonderful and happens to have a top-notch fitness center, although I didn’t partake in it).


Here is the way my race schedule is sizing up:


August 17th – LIVESTRONG Philly – 10K run

August 18th – LIVESTRONG Philly – 20 m bike  (decided to go back to back)

* I’m really going to treat these as glorified training sessions – the run will be a push though.


September 26th – Marshman Sprint Tri (my first tri)

October 14th – Cape Henlopen Sprint Tri

November 11 – Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon (SanAntonio – on my 40th birthday!)


September and October begin what we call unofficially in my office “Event-Hell” – meaning mucho travel around the country.  It tails off by the middle of November and then will be whisper quiet until mid March.  My company generates over half of our leads (and consequently much of our 2013 revenue) by these Q3 and Q4 events, so they are important.  I am speaking and presenting at several as a content-area “expert” (I still shudder at that usage!).


I’ll be continuing to heavy-up on pool work, along with adding Wed night OWSs at Lums Pond with the TriDawgs.  I still have yet to meet any of them in person, but they are extremely helpful and seem like a cool bunch of folks.  The bike will be there (although I hear the Marshman bike course is hella-hilly), and i know the run will be fine as long as I stick to plan.  The swim will be my battle, and I will win the battle.


Now we’re cooking with gas!

I’ve been lazy with updates, however you’ll be happy to know that I am still religiously journaling every day. Since you’re not allowed in my bedroom to peek, I’ll give you the lowdown.

I’ve been bitten by the triathlon bug. I bought a Trek roadbike (for a song!) on Craigslist and I’ve been enjoying the process of learning how it works. That sounds crazy, but my last bike was my BMX bike I used to jump ramps in my neighborhood when I was 11.

So in that vein, I’ve added a September sprint tri to the one I’m committed to in October – mainly because the September event involves a lake swim and I thought it would be wise to ramp up to the ocean swim in October (for confidence purposes). I bought a wetsuit, and I’ll begin some OWS practices with the TriDawgs next Wednesday.


Pool and road workouts are going well. I’m doing something every day, however I will be making the following adjustments:

  1. With the exception of Sprint Interval runs – I’ll be keeping my HR below 141 bpm. I’m usually in the 170 range, and I’m not teaching my cardio system long-term endurance like I should be according to this.
  2. I need to get back to strength training. I’ve been so enamored with the mileage, I’ve not dug in enough to power and strength. If I want to do a Half IM in 2013, I’ll need that foundation.
  3. Nutrition has been fine. I’ve been in check with calories and maintained a fairly clean diet.


So we live and learn. I’m learning this as I go, but I feel stronger, my clothes are loose, and I feel mucho energy in the evenings, which is new for me.  Also, please look for me on under “brianggilbert”.