Lots of updates from the past 30 days!

From a fitness standpoint, I’ve made two giant commitments for the remainder of 2012.


  • I’m running a 1/2 marathon on my 40th birthday (11/11).
  • I’m competing in my first triathlon on 10/14


This is pretty heady stuff for me.  About a year ago I began running casually, and I decided that I would throw in on a 5K last December.  Either insanity is rearing its ugly head as I near 40, or this stuff is getting (dare I say) easier or I’m getting stronger and more fit.

I managed to find a sweet deal on a Trek 1.1 road bike, and the first two rides have been great (6 and 11 miles this weekend).  Also a reunion with the YMCA pool at 5AM this week showed me that I am within striking distance of a .25 mile swim.  While we’re vacationing at the Jersey beach in a couple weeks I plan some open water swims, and a brick or two (swim directly to the bike).


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