Funny thing I witnessed in the gym last night…

So last night after the kids went to bed I headed to the YMCA. Since it was MLK day, I figured it would be ridiculously crowded, but I was pleasantly wrong. In fact it was a ghost town.

I did a long outside run on Sunday, so I headed to the weights for some upper body. When I worked my way through to some dumbell work, I noticed a young guy attempting to bench press a pretty impressive amount of weight. Some guys are just “wiry strong” and while I seem to be able to pick up size without extreme high weights, this kid was either just thin and ripped under his clothing or completely out of his right mind.

Turned out it was the latter, and he proceeded to fail and get into extreme trouble while attempting to rack the weight halfway up. I ran over to help and successfully landed the bar. He looked at me sheepishly and I told him it was no problem and that same thing has probably happened to everyone in this gym at one time in their lives.

I then offered to spot him on his next set, but he not only turned me down, but he proceeded to do THE EXACT SAME THING ON THE NEXT SET. I figured he was maybe 22 or so, but there’s a point when the macho ends and the stupidity begins. If he couldn’t move the weight 5 minutes ago, he certainly won’t after muscle failure and some rest.

I just shook my head and kept about my business….


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