Started the New Year Right

New Year’s Eve was fairly tame.  Our neighbor blows up a crap-ton of fireworks in our cul-de-sac at midnight, and that’s worth staying up for.


Met a very nice fellow that was a Good Samaritan and met me at the Philly Airport to return my wife’s cell phone.  It fell out of her pocket on Friday when she took the girls to Disney on Ice.  Great dude, and I passed along a thank you note and an AMEX gift card that was gathering dust in my drawer.


We woke up and had a wonderful family breakfast.  I headed to Brandywine Creek State Park right by Thompson Bridge and ran an “out-n-back” for 3.2 miles at a good clip.  No lower leg issues, and I finished a lot stronger than I started.  I plan on staying around the 3 mile pace for a week or two, and then trying to get to 5 miles consistently in early February, getting ready for my 5 mile race in March.


Lauren and I put some time in on the 2-wheel bike today, but we did it on a grass field.  It was harder for her to get speed up, but she was much more confident and less afraid to fall.


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