Big responsibilities…

This week was a good one.

I was tasked and trusted with a huge project this week. From a business perspective, our company chooses a given “roadshow” from which to market each year. We speak at conferences, expos, webinars, and association meetings on this message. We can maneuver given the situation, but I estimate that approximately 50,000 potential customers will be exposed to this marketing position and our company’s “thought-leadership”.

It’s now my job to come up with the concept and the presentation itself. No pressure!

On a personal note, I had some great workouts this week. We got some snow overnight, but tomorrow I will attempt a five mile run on the race route of my race in early March. It’s a hilly course, so I’m hoping to keep it under an hour.


Funny thing I witnessed in the gym last night…

So last night after the kids went to bed I headed to the YMCA. Since it was MLK day, I figured it would be ridiculously crowded, but I was pleasantly wrong. In fact it was a ghost town.

I did a long outside run on Sunday, so I headed to the weights for some upper body. When I worked my way through to some dumbell work, I noticed a young guy attempting to bench press a pretty impressive amount of weight. Some guys are just “wiry strong” and while I seem to be able to pick up size without extreme high weights, this kid was either just thin and ripped under his clothing or completely out of his right mind.

Turned out it was the latter, and he proceeded to fail and get into extreme trouble while attempting to rack the weight halfway up. I ran over to help and successfully landed the bar. He looked at me sheepishly and I told him it was no problem and that same thing has probably happened to everyone in this gym at one time in their lives.

I then offered to spot him on his next set, but he not only turned me down, but he proceeded to do THE EXACT SAME THING ON THE NEXT SET. I figured he was maybe 22 or so, but there’s a point when the macho ends and the stupidity begins. If he couldn’t move the weight 5 minutes ago, he certainly won’t after muscle failure and some rest.

I just shook my head and kept about my business….

Big Week Behind Me

I had an unbelievable week last week.

On Tuesday 1/10, I began Invisalign.  If you’re not familiar, they are clear corrective orthodontic trays which “snap” over your teeth.  There are 11 little “buttons” cemented onto the surface of key teeth to help torque and move certain teeth.  New traps come every 2 weeks, and  you need to wear your aligners about 22 hours per day for maximum effectiveness.  The first couple of days were uncomfortable, as the teeth move about a millimeter every 2 weeks (which is a lot).

On that same afternoon, my wife and I made some very critical decisions on the future of our kitchen project.  We are both very excited about the kitchen design we are creating with the help of A&C Kitchens in Chester.

That evening, I traveled to Philly for a 2 day company event “Kickoff”.  Since I am new to the organization and much of our staff if virtual all across the country, it was my first opportunity to meet and get to know many of them.

Part of my Goal Set for 2012 includes trying new and different things outside my comfort zone.  I managed to hit several last week:

  • Tried Artichokes
  • Sang Karaoke
  • Greek yogurt – twice the protein
  • Bowled and looked “stupid” in front of the work crowd

Overall, a very productive week.  I tried to run at the Philly Marriott fitness center, but the 90 degree heat and humidity at 5:30 in the AM was too much for me.  Instead I did a nice outdoor run yesterday in 19 degree weather 🙂

Musings on the beginning of the New Year

Had some very interesting things occur at work.

I’m fairly new to the company, and we are going through some transition.  The role I play is a vital one, but it was decided that I should be attached to our marketing team rather than our sales team, as more of my work flow resides within marketing integration than sales.  It means I get a new boss but one I like a whole heck of a lot.  The team is growing and the company is positioned for some incredible growth.  I’m completely excited.

A couple things I’m psyched about coming up this week:

– Invisalign begins on Tuesday!  No more broken-fence teeth (maybe that’s too harsh, but you get the idea)

– Big team kickoff meetings in Philly this week – really looking forward to meeting the folks I haven’t met yet

– Ordering cabinets for our big kitchen renovation

Gym was jammed today, but one observation…

I headed to my local YMCA to hit the weights, and a huge sign out front touted zero joiner fees if you sign up by the end of the month of January.

It was so packed you could sagely move between free weight equipment. There were lines waiting for all circuit equipment, and forget trying to find an open treadmill.

I understand the Y is a not for profit org, but I wonder if they shouldn’t focus more on pulling additional new revenue from existing members with services like paid classes, personal training, etc.

Plus, how many of these “Resolutioners” will really be around in 60 days anyway?

Started the New Year Right

New Year’s Eve was fairly tame.  Our neighbor blows up a crap-ton of fireworks in our cul-de-sac at midnight, and that’s worth staying up for.


Met a very nice fellow that was a Good Samaritan and met me at the Philly Airport to return my wife’s cell phone.  It fell out of her pocket on Friday when she took the girls to Disney on Ice.  Great dude, and I passed along a thank you note and an AMEX gift card that was gathering dust in my drawer.


We woke up and had a wonderful family breakfast.  I headed to Brandywine Creek State Park right by Thompson Bridge and ran an “out-n-back” for 3.2 miles at a good clip.  No lower leg issues, and I finished a lot stronger than I started.  I plan on staying around the 3 mile pace for a week or two, and then trying to get to 5 miles consistently in early February, getting ready for my 5 mile race in March.


Lauren and I put some time in on the 2-wheel bike today, but we did it on a grass field.  It was harder for her to get speed up, but she was much more confident and less afraid to fall.