Last work day of the year, officially…

I am fortunate to have found an incredible organization with a fantastic product that wanted me to come in and head-up business development.  I was thrilled to accept, as I was facing big changes in my previous company with a bit of an uncertain future.  I work from home in a more strategic position than I’ve ever had before, and the challenges and learning curve, while steep and a little scary at times, is very exhilarating.


I have a 3 day all-hands-on-deck meeting coming up in Philly in the 2nd week of January.  Since most of our team is virtual, this will be the first time meeting them in person.  I am giving a workshop to the sales/marketing teams on the power of LinkedIn (of which I am a big fan), and this will be the first presentation I will be giving to the new team.  In other words, I can’t suck.


For the last 3 days I’ve been pouring over my content, and the presentation I’ll deliver to the group.  I’m totally stoked on some of the things I’ve found to include, and I’ll have ample time to have it polished and ready for human consumption by the time the meetings roll around.


Committed to my 10K – LiveSTRONG 2012 in Philly

I went ahead and signed up and joined a dear friend’s LiveSTRONG team.  He happens to be a two-time cancer survivor, and both he and his wife have battled the disease.  Our family is pretty close to his, and with my found commitment to fitness playing a big part of 2012’s goals, this is a big step for me.


My LiveSTRONG page is here, and the team page is here if you care to get involved.  Within minutes of the page going live this morning, an old friend that I haven’t seen in 20 years or so donated big, bringing my to 96% of my fundraising commitment!  I raised the bar a bit in light of his generosity!

Getting one’s butt in gear…

I’ve had to devote quite a bit of time in the last 72 hours to rehab and preventative treatment on some lower leg issues. I found that I’ve got a minor calf pull up at the top where it ties in behind the knee, and my plantar fasciitis is flaring up in the same foot/leg.

What’s really helping this is a combo of heat, followed by ultrasound for about 8 minutes, some massage, and then ice. The plantar fasciitis is helped by rolling over a baseball, ultrasound, and then ice to settle it down. Felt right as rain this morning and pushed it hard at the gym today as a result, so I think this treatment pattern will get me through.

I’m still committed to zero running until the 2nd week in January, just to give things a chance to heal fully.

Merry Christmas

The day was certainly a blessed one. The kids were awesome all day long, even as the sugar high and over-stimulation set in.

I would love to do something active tomorrow, but my right calf feels like I have a knot the size of a golf ball right under the knee joint. I also have some stiffness in my plantar fascia in my right foot, so I guess the two things are related. I’ve iced and used heat, continually stretched through the day, and tried to massage it out myself. Good news is that I have a chiro appointment tomorrow AM.